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At SJ+A , we believe that those who are affected by a decision have the right to be involved in the decision-making process. We pride ourselves in our ability to help decision-makers ensure those opportunities are designed into the processes we facilitate. In fact, we design our facilitation processes to engage a wide-breadth of the affected public; support decision makers’ needs; and build trust and credibility for the process among all parties while ensuring that commitments are made in good-faith.

With over a decade of experience in public involvement, our team, has facilitated decision-making processes for a variety of owners on a number of topics ranging from road construction to bicycle planning and from strategic business to communications planning.

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Current Projects

SJ+A’s staff has extensive experience in a variety of communication specialities. We’re able to provide the public with appropriate, accurate, and clear information, as well as considerate and timely responses to their concerns.

Recent Projects

Public involvement is not a new idea and today’s public is coming to expect the opportunity to participate in decisions and processes that affect them. Let our team help you provide a positive, strategic, and effective PI experience for all parties involved.

Services We Offer

Client Support Services

Our team provides support across a variety of communication and organizational needs. We are skilled in public relations, marketing, and communication strategy. Our support services experience ranges from research to execution and can involve anything from surveys and studies to event planning and media outreach. Let our team help you look your best and perform at the highest level!


Public Involvement

At SJ+A we provide you with strategic and tailored Public Involvement (PI) support designed by project need. We help implement communication processes that allow our clients to engage with stakeholders in a meaningful way. Our powerful and strategic PI processes help our clients develop and maintain positive relationships with affected communities throughout the life of a project.

Need Public Involvement support? Send us a message or call us at 801.530.0933.

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